No army could contend...

Синий Дракон
The beauty is true value of hatred
When Bilbo found that shiny ring in Gollum's cave of gloom,
he never thought that it would turn into a Ring of Doom.
The dragon, Smogg, the spiders, too, the goblins, the elven king,
they came to know the power of the hobbit and his Ring.

Frodo of the nine fingers and the Ring of Doom.
It started with a Hobbit in Gollum's cave of gloom.

The power of the Ring it grew and Gandalf sat in thought.
He knew that it must be destroyed in fires where it was wrought.
For if in evil hands it fell the earth would know its end.
No force of arms would win the day. No army could contend.

Frodo of the nine fingers and the Ring of Doom.
Accepted a heavy burden for the fires to consume.

© Glenn Yarbrough

@музыка: Glenn Yarbrough - Frodo of the nine fingers

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